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AZoth Pyramid

The AZoth pyramid is an immersive structural environment entraining a person with binaural beats and rhythmic light technologies to create an self explorative experience of expansion. When a person is being entrained, their energy is calculated on an REG providing scientific data for research, and visual results for the individual being entrained.


AZoth Pyramid is an interactive brain entrainment machine in the form of a physical pyramid

with integrated LEDs, infinity mirrors, and a myriad of sensors. Participants may interact with the

pyramid through a specialized headset with on-board EEG sensors and specialized Intel

technology, including the ZR300, the Atom, and the Curie. LEDs are coordinated to induce

certain brain wave patterns that may cause sensations of euphoria, similar to extended

meditation. Since the pyramid responds to participants, and participants will inevitably be

“primed” by the pyramid’s patterns, its entrainment is part of a bio-feedback loop that is

compounded by the participants in and around the pyramid.


Biofeedback and brain entrainment are important fields of study that can help us explore the

leading edge of consciousness. By creating interactive, artful machines that respond to our

consciousness, if subtly at first, we make tangible the notion that we live in a connected

universe. AZoth Pyramid is designed to draw out and elucidate this notion by creating an

experience using light, color, geometry, and sound that participants can engage in physically,

mentally, and emotionally.

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