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Creative Exchange

Every Work of Art Will Go

One Way or Both Ways

The art works you see here are worthless by design,

they are priceless and very rare just the same,

you may own 1 by following the instructions within time,

any 1 may be yours just by playing a surreal game,

it will help your strategy if you do so with rhyme.


When a painting you want is that which you see,

then visit the website and write something why,

if what you write amazes me you may just win it for free,

discover at the exhibit the next wall the works will occupy,

pay full price now if you can’t wait or write what others see.


You are welcome to write whatever yourself wills,

there is no wrong or right way or what about to write,

you may include with your bid words with or without bills,

there is no one to out bid so just bid what you feel is right,

to define your own value is what this experience instills. 

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