The P.e.a.c.e. Museum is a research and development project. Our mission is to collaboratively curate ongoing explorations into the nature of reality and consciousness with art, artists and the science that makes it all possible.


We curate frequent art exhibits that are also formalized consciousness experiments. To study these environments we use unified event detectors in the background, and sometimes as part of the exhibit itself: Experibitions. If you are inspired to expand your consciousness and support our mission; Fine Artworks are available for acquisition in person, by phone and online via our Double-Blind Bidding and Logical Valuation Matrix. You can find us at events and by appointment- 24/7.


Æthernaut Works is a new division of The P.e.a.c.e. Museum made up of consciousness researchers who are a Lutron certified to provide smart home lighting, programming, design, and installation services. We have the ability to install full spectrum lighting controls, with audio and visual equipment to include both immersive residential atmospheric environments and corporate training facilities. Think meditation room, art galleries, corporate chill space, music venues or anyplace an individual or group would like to help to reach their desired brain state.


Upgrade your life with our exceptional services or technologies, and support the research and development of our expanding consciousness ~



World"s Fair Nano 2017
New Design
World's Fair SF Day II 2017
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Apperations Halloween
Test Data
Peace X Piece Flyer
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World"s Fair Nano 2017

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